About Us

Incorporated in 2020, Look Good, Feel Great, Smell Fantastic is a Portsmouth-based fragrance company. 

The Director was looking for a perfume online and he had a vague idea of what he wanted, but found that none of the shops at the time gave you enough information on if the fragrance was for daytime or evening, or perfect for summertime, but too light for winter.

That’s when the idea struck, he could fill this gap in the market - he could provide all the information that he felt was lacking, while remaining competitively priced.

What followed was a lot of research into the best products, how to review perfumes and aftershaves and most importantly finding trustworthy suppliers.

What Do We Provide?

Running for almost 2 years, the company provides aftershaves, perfumes and bath bombs. Whether you're looking for birthday presents, a new alluring smell or your go-to fragrance, we supply a wide range of products manufactured by designer brands, but at a competitive price.